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Web Design Clique takes pride in its content clientele that returns to us for further services time and again. It is a design agency packed with not only skills and experience, but also passion, energy and dedication towards its services. It is not only some logos that we design but tremendous brand identities that we erect in our workplace.

Iconic Logo Design

More interesting than text-based logos and faster to visually understand than more illustrative logos, iconic logos implement simplified graphics and symbols to express an aspect of your business or product. Iconic logo design is the perfect balance between text and artwork.

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Animated Logo

Web Design Clique are an effective way of communicating with your audience in an engaging manner. Animated logo helps in delivering your message to customers in an effective manner. Our logos are the blend which is not easy to reach

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Typographic Logo

Typographic logos helps in creating positive image of the brand in customer's minds. These logos help to stay ahead of the competitors and reach maximum potential in the least possible time. Quick turnover is extremely important and we are here to get that for you.

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Abstract Logo

Abstract logos depict simplicity and professionalism as they help you to say more with less. Web Design Clique aims to create logos with the true essence of business in every element. We design each logo with the essence of business instilled in every element.

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Illustrative Logo

Illustrative logos understand your branding concept by representing them in a unique and compelling way. Illustrations are usually stand-alone enough to be effective as stand-alone projects and should complement the text as well.

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Our Process


We begin the process by identifying the requirements and goals of the website. A review is then done on analytics and research which helps our content strategy and site design. Our project managers then create Wireframes for all templates.


Our design process begins by exploring many creative trends. During a series of review rounds, the selected design is then optimized and applied to templates.


Website Development starts on a secure server where you can see the progress in real time. Following the agreement on the final design/development.

Finalization & Deployment04.

Q/A & rigorous testing is done on beta servers, the website is deployed and ready for business. Our commitment does not end once your website is live and launched, we remain on support for a pre-set time with the client.

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We're a creative company. And that's a whole lot different from your average digital agency.

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Our Clique

  • Satisfied Work

    Very attentive and responsive service. I am overall happy with my logo designs. Thanks for the impressive service.

    Rachel Zack

    Business Owner

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  • Impressive Work

    We at NurtureHomeFood are very happy with the quality work we received from Macro Logo Design. Their designers did an outclass job with the logo design. I will highly recommend these people for their extraordinary creativity.


    Business Owner

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  • New Look

    II am well satisfied with the work I received from Macro Logo Design. I personally want to thank their designers for doing an outclass job on my logo design. The logo designers were very polite and understanding. Delivered what I asked them. Thumbs up.


    Business Owner

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